Maple Syrup and Black Pepper Ice Cream


Maple Syrup and Black Pepper Ice Cream

The best way to make ice cream is to prepare the custard one day and turn it into ice cream after a night chilling in the fridge

This recipe makes 1 qt

I always quadruple it, myself

Bring 2 cu heavy cream(I always use organic when I can find), 1 cu half and half2/3 cu dark maple syrupand 4-6 tbs freshly ground black pepperjust to a boil, stirring frequently

You might want to taste test, as pepper looses its power when in a sweetened liquid

It should have some bite

I prefer ice cream less sweet

Make a note how you like it

Remove from heat and let cool for a half hour

Whisk two large eggs, a pinch of salt, then add a cup of the hot cream mixture in a slow stream, continuing to whisk

Add remaining cream mixture into a sauce pan, stirring continually with a wooden spoon until custard is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon

If you have a thermometer, it should read 170-175 degrees

It cannot boil or it will curdle 

Pour mixture into a cool bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight, if you can, but at least three to four hours

Follow instructions provided by your ice cream maker

Put ice cream in air tight containers and store in freezer

Remove ten minutes or so from freezer before serving

Flavor is more appreciated when ice cream has softened